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Classy Methods & Doctors Allergy Formula

Doctor’s Allergy Formula is the company that brought Ocular Allergy Testing to Ophthalmology. With over 1,500 Ophthalmologists now using their our Ocular Allergy Diagnostic System they are the fastest growing company in Ophthalmology.

Classy Methods Website Design

Classy Methods Website Design

Doctor’s Allergy Formula came to Classy Methods in need of an amazing and classy website design that matched their unique and novel business. One that displayed their sophisticated diagnostic system in an easy and comprehensible way for both physicians and patients to understand.

See their classy web design here.


A diagnostic test important for nearly all patients. But how best to market it both to physicians and patients alike? Tradeshows, waiting rooms, a sophisticated and classy website design…

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Classy Methods Booth Design


For patients there was in office marketing available on every surface, even buttons for the staff. For physician’s there was not only an elegant and classy website design but a powerful method for conveying the right message from one physician to another. See the video here.