Classy Methods - MD Defenders

A Story In Classy Marketing

Classy Methods & MD Defenders

MD Defenders came to classy methods with little more than a great concept. It was our job at classy methods to develop for them a logo, website, social media presence and marketing materials..the whole Classy Marketing package.



MD Defenders is a healthcare and quality assurance company designed to improve patient satisfaction and physicians’ online presence. We knew right away it was a classy company that needed a classy marketing campaign, tailored to fit their sophisticated goals. Fast-forward: MD Defenders now hold a wide range of marketing materials and promotional literature, as well as being ideally represented by a distinctive website, optimized with aggressive SEO, and bolstered through a social media marketing campaign.

Visit the MD Defenders website here.


A healthcare oriented company that provides doctors with a system of quality assurance for the practice, MD Defender’s promotes physicians’ highest standards of practice and safeguards their virtual profile on healthcare rating websites.



Using MD Defender’s initial concept, and after carefully discussing with them their hopes for customer acquisition and market saturation, we at classy methods did what we do best; we highlighted their strengths using a robust classy marketing strategy. Their distinguishing qualities: professional, supportive, and facilitating.